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The Giving T: How it Works

1. You Create a Unique Design.

2. You Tell Us the Charity You Want to Support

3. You Choose Your Donation Amount.

4. The Giving T Creates Your Store!

5. Start Raising Funds!

Create your design today!

The Giving T: How to Partner with Us

There are three primary ways to partner with us:

  1. If you are a nonprofit organization, we can help! Tap into the creativity of your members, your fans and your followers, and sell merchandise using their unique designs! There is no cost to you, outside of the time invested in creating the designs, and promoting the items for sale.

  2. If you are a business that champions a cause or charitable organization, we can help! Engage your employees in the fundraising process, and give them a creative way to show your company cares. It’s a terrific win-win: engage your employees while helping your chosen cause.

  3. If you are a creative individual that wants to raise money for a nonprofit organization, we can help! You create the design, tell us what charity you want to support, and the “donation amount” for every item sold. We create your homepage and store. You offer your designs for sale, and 100% of your donation amount, for every purchase made, goes to the charity of your choice!

The Giving T: How to Join our Community

You can reach out to us by e-mail, phone or via Facebook and Twitter.

By e-mail: greatcustomers@brandsthatdogood.com

By phone: 866-638-5885

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